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    We can evaluate drug candidates in preclinical inflammatory models (RA & MS) for you


    Combine is a consortium consisting of research groups from all medical universities in Sweden. The overall aim of Combine is to create a network of scientists, clinicians, patients and industry/biotech representatives, which together utilize the unique Swedish possibilities for research focused on inflammatory diseases, defining the most essential goals for patients to achieve, and to develop and implement novel prevention and therapy for these diseases.

    One of the tasks for Combine is the enhancement of drug development, from target identification to early trials in experimental models, and to act as consultants for clinical trial planning when needed. We primarily seek to collaborate with small and medium sized companies and to make the unique competence within Combine available to our partners. Combine aims to be an asset for Swedish small sized companies in particular.

    We offer preclinical evaluation of your substance/drug of interest in animal models for RA (Rheumatoid Arthritis) & MS (Multiple Sclerosis) in addition to a number of in vitro testing systems.

    The models offered are:

      Rat Mouse
    CIA (collagen induced arthritis)
    CAIA (collagen‐antibody induced arthritis)  
    PIA (pristane induced arthritis)  
    OIA (oil induced arthritis)  
    AIA (adjuvant induced arthritis)  
    Spinal cord homogenate EAE

    We offer extensive experience regarding these models, including induction and evaluation of disease. We can also provide you with a range of in vitro analyses/evaluation options i.e.

    • Histology & Immunohistochemistry
    • Assays for evaluation of cartilage & bone destruction
    • Assays for measuring acute phase reactants
    • Flow cytometry of selected biomarkers (FACS)
    • ELISA, EIA & other bioassays
    • Cell stimulation (i.e. T‐cell proliferation)
    • PCR
    • μPET

    Within a project, we provide advice on experimental set‐up and model of choice; we analyze data, provide scientific interpretation of the obtained results and deliver a study report. We work according to GLP standard.

    We also offer the possibility for more designed experiments along two ways:

    1. MHC class II humanized mice in arthritis models
    2. Mice for studies of specific pathways (T cell, B cell, oxidative burst, regulatory cytokines etc)

    For more information contact: Rikard.Holmdahl @ ki.se